“Bjorn Free” Snippet: Igor v Loki

This is a small snippet from, “Bjorn Free”, the sequel to “Bjorn & Bread” and the second in the trilogy.

Back-story: Senga and her Igor have Loki trapped in a magic circle and are interrogating him for information.

“Why,” Loki asked Igor with some confusion, “with your hardly noticeable, cough lisp, do you use so many words with the letter ‘s’ in them?”

“Ith not that thinple,” said Igor, testily, “having a converthation, while making no uth of “ethes.”

“I had to ask,” said Loki, “sorry.”

“Thtick it up your jumper,” Igor replied, being unaccustomedly petty.

“Ooooo,” Loki mocked, “someone got out the wrong side of their coffin, this morning.”

“That’s Vampireth, Dumbath!” snorted Igor.

“What’s the difference?” asked Loki, sneering.

Igor ignored this mocking jibe; reached over to the wall, to his right; and flicked a switch. There was a flash of yellow light and sparks flew across the ceiling. At the same time Loki screamed in agony, as if someone had just ripped his insides out of his body and shown them to him.

Senga had never heard such torment and gaped at Igor, who was staring adoringly at the spectacle, his finger still on the switch.

“Igor,” she shouted.

Igor just stood there, beholding Loki, in his prison of pain, with a glassy look on his face.

“IGOR,” she shouted, louder and with more force.

Igor, the spell broken, blinked a few times before looking over to see Senga for the first time since flicking the switch.

Senga made cutting actions across her throat, indicating Igor to switch off the noise.

When he had, she said, softly, “Igor, was that really necessary?”

“I don’t like him,” Igor growled, looking at Loki, once again, with a look on his face, which Senga had never seen before.

“Hey,” grinned Loki, panting and sweating like a fat man in a cake shop, “you just used a sentence without using a single ‘s’ in it. We should celebrate.”

There was another flash of light, with more sparks, which was, in turn followed by a lot more screaming.

Senga sighed. “This is going to be a long night,” she said to herself.