Interview With An Author: Scott McGowan

Melissa Holden, Author

Question 1: What got you into writing?

When I was at school, I didn’t read much. I found it difficult and so disliked trying. We later discovered I was dyslexic but not until I was around sixteen years of age.

It wasn’t till I read ‘Reaper Man’, by Terry Pratchett, that the written word became so wonderful, to me. It was a book that was easy to read and had elements to it that could not be found anywhere else. I was inspired.

I started writing at that point, beginning with a few horror shorts, from the reader’s point of view. This, I felt, gave some added impressions on the reader and made the stories feel more real. Ever since then, I have spent a great deal of time developing my writing and have enjoyed the process wholly.

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Question 2: What is your favourite book and why?

I know everyone…

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