This week I would like to present another one of my latest poems, “The First Revelation of John”. It is a retelling of St John’s first visionary experience, as dictated in the book of Revelations (The Bible). Now, I am not a theologian and do not claim any special understanding of what is described but I wanted to address it in some form and therefore decided upon what you are about to read. I hope you find it interesting.


“The First Revelation of John”

From an Angel, came the message,

Of the ending of the world.

A telling dream of many things,

“Be Blessed…” said the Herald.

Unto those who read the prophesy,

Untold blessings will be given.

And the rest will feel the burning

Of the whole/full might of Heaven.

He is coming with the thickening clouds.

He’s coming with a sounding fare.

Every heart will cry in anxious pain,

When all do see him there.

The Alpha and Omega both,

The Lord, God; Great I Am.

Who is and was, will always be,

Is soon to stalk this land.

Seven lights the seer first was shown,

Of domestic simple fare,

Though golden was their colour true,

He could not help but stare.

Among the light and standing tall,

A “son of man” was seen.

A long dress robe he wore therein,

With his golden sash pristine.

His head and hair were white as white,

Though his eyes they burned like fire.

His feet were bronzing to the eye,

A voice of water rushing air.

In his right hand holding seven stars.

Out his mouth, the sharpest sword.

His face was brighter than the sun,

On any given world.

When the seer saw what had been seen,

He fell flat on his knees.

The man put hand to the seer’s arm,

Saying, “Do not, please, fear me.”

“For I am the ever living one,

Who once had been dead, true.

But I hold the keys to Hades gates,

And now will outlive you.”

The seven lights being seven churches,

The truth was told and known,

The seer did what he was told,

And put it all to stone.

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