I have recently come up with an idea to come to grips with the basics of a story and understand the underlying elements. Sometimes we as writers need to understand how other writers go about constructing a story, in order that we might learn to do the same or similar.

One of the things that I like to do is to take a classic story and, removing all the plumping, reduce the story to fifty words or less. This helps to see what elements are the basis for the story and, most likely, what the author had in mind when writing the piece.

As an example, I will give you one of mine. This is “Sleeping Beauty” in fifty words (exactly fifty).

“In the beginning, there was a boy. There was also a girl. She got into trouble. He had to pull her out. He fought through a lot of bad things to get there. When he did arrive, she was having a nap. He kissed her. She awoke. They got married.”

I hope you found this interesting and even give it a try for yourself. Feel free to post your own efforts below in the comments section. You can scroll down to read some of my more in-depth articles, poems and stories.

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