Rabbi Burns’ “The Wedding Speech”


I am finishing off my new novel, “Bjorn Again”, at present. This is the third in the Bjorn Trilogy and I am getting more excited about it as I reach the final chapters. In the book there is a wedding ceremony and the Theologian, Rabbi Burns has written a poem for the event. I would like to share this with you now. It is in Scots English but I am sure you will understand it all. Enjoy.


Rabbi Burns’, “The Wedding Speech


I welcome thee – intae this hame,

No’ fir gold, – success ‘r fame,

But tae rejoice – in twinship and hope,

Tho her faither’s just glad – they didnae elope.

In maist hearts, – there lieth a midden,

Secrets past – are aftimes hidden.

But here afore us – there standith two,

With souls kept open – and haerts so true.


So look upon – these twa in love,

Say Cupid, Swan – and turtle dove,

And see in them – fit thee – may be,

Love here abounding – fir a’ tae see.


So I ask thee now – tae be upstanding,

And mak’ thy pledge – to keep a haund in,

And help these twa – in front o’ me,

In times o’ need – be on land or sea.

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